About Our Monsters

For as long as Okanaganites can remember, Lake Okanagan
has been said to be haunted by the presence of a
Loch-Ness-like lake creature. Can such a formidable beast
possibly be lurking in our waters? Is Ogopogo real? Can there truly be such a bonafide living creature? We said “…naaah”!

Monster Vineyards exposes the proverbial wizard behind the curtains.

It celebrates the many intricate contraptions that individuals might have conceived to create such a hoax.

Our sincere apologies to the believers.


At Monster Vineyards we craft tasty wines
produced for the curious at heart. Winemaker
Stefan Arnason sources grapes from vineyards
that match the expressions of our portfolio; bold,
fruit-forward, and pleasing to the palate.

Join us in our tasting room to sample our wines
and give one of our monsters a good home.
Skeptics and Believers welcome.

3 Responses to “About Our Monsters”

  1. We are thrilled to hear you enjoyed your tasting at Monster Vineyards, we hope to welcome you back soon!


  2. Hello Hamida,

    We are thrilled to hear you are enjoying our new release Red Eyed! Here are our tasting notes for this vintage:
    This Malbec based bruting Red Eyed Monster charges forward
    with raspberries, freshly picked cherries, and plum on the nose.
    Soft, fruit-forward flavours of blueberry and soft cedar mingle
    with a hint of milk chocolate. This medium weight Monster
    presents great length on the finish with integrated tannins
    allowing this wine to stand up to red meat dishes with some
    spicy heat.

  3. We are so thrilled you enjoyed our Cabs!

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